ChatGPT Modifiers

Generate better results with ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT modifiers to go from generic output to natural, professional, or witty output that you can use in your work.

Use clear and simple language

This guides ChatGPT to use easy words, like talking to a friend.

Avoid jargon and acronyms

This tells ChatGPT to stay away from confusing words and abbreviations.

Provide actionable and practical takeaways

This tells ChatGPT to give useful advice that you can use right away.

Write in a way that is both informative and entertaining

This makes ChatGPT write fun things that still teach you something.

Use a formal tone paired with sophisticated vocabulary and grammar

This guides ChatGPT to sound professional and use big words and proper sentence structures.

Use informal grammar

This tells ChatGPT to write in a relaxed way, like a casual chat.

Write in a conversational style

This instructs ChatGPT to write as if having a chat, not like a textbook.

Use simplified language

This tells ChatGPT to use easy and basic language.

Format your response using markdown

This command helps ChatGPT arrange your text neatly with different sections and points.

Break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand frameworks and models

This instructs ChatGPT to take difficult ideas and make them simple and clear.

Emulate [writer's] writing style

This tells ChatGPT to try to write like a certain writer you like.

Use metaphors, analogies, and literary devices

This directs ChatGPT to use figures of speech and comparisons to make your text more interesting.

Explain complex scientific concepts in a clear and accessible way

This directs ChatGPT to make hard science topics easy for anyone to understand.

Avoid academic phrasing

This instructs ChatGPT to stay away from sounding too school-like or professor-like.

Explain like I'm 5

This asks ChatGPT to explain a concept in the simplest possible way, as if speaking to a 5-year-old.

More persuasive

Use this to make ChatGPT's responses more convincing

Change temperature to [0-1]

Adjust this value to make ChatGPT's answers either more creative (1) or more focused and logical (0).

Write at a 8th grade reading level

This makes ChatGPT use easier words and sentences that most people can understand.

Only return the main response. Remove pre-text and post-text.

This makes ChatGPT skip the intro and closing, making the answer straight to the point.
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